Sunday, July 27, 2008

Why You Should Install A Computer Firewall

Unfortunately with all the unscrupulous numbers of scammers,computer hackers and adware, spyware,viruses lurking on the Internet, you need to setup a computer firewall. A firewall is your first line against attacks and the protection of your data and personal details. In saying this, you can avoid damaging attacks that can destroy your personal data or steal vital information.

There are many firewalls to choose from and they vary widely and you must decide which firewall program is suitable for your pc computer. With most new pc computers today they already have a firewall that came installed with the Microsoft Windows XP or Aero Vista operating system, then most likely your computer firewall is already installed and ready to be used out of the box. Your operating system will advise you if it is not turned on and working properly through a notification on your task bar.

Purchase your own software if you do not have one of these newer operating systems. The XP version doesn't get great reviews so you may still want to buy separate firewall software if you have Microsoft XP.

You can either visit a store that sells computer software or download a firewall product through the Internet - the most popular products available are Kaspersky, Mcaffee and AVG. Even from the most popular security software companies, there are plenty of low cost or trial versions available for download, with prices varying according to the sophistication of the firewall software. Prior to the installation of your firewall, a few things must be taken into consideration.

You must configure the program to allow the functions that you need, these are things like file and print sharing. The firewall settings will usually be configured during installation by a wizard or later by using the documentation provided.

Firewalls tend to stop you from going to certain parts of the Internet as well. If you use a home network connected through a router this may happen, so you should be aware how you connect and configure your firewall accordingly. It is difficult to access secured networks when you have installed a firewall.

Before installing a firewall to a pc linked to a company network, you should speak with the company's IT department since they may give you a specific settings configuration so you are still able to connect to them.